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Is Absence Sometimes Necessary?

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Is absence sometimes necessary? Do you need everyone in your life? Parents are hand-picked by God to guide and nurture you. Whatever happens in your life, they must stick by you. Naturally, children will feel and behave peculiarly when a parent is not involved in their lives. Parents are the blame for their children's shortcomings. For instance, when a father is not around, we question the mom's parenting skills. How can a mother teach her son to be a man? Ladies tend to act degradingly when their fathers are not around. Society tends to label it daddy issues because of the gratification of male attention. If dads were in their children's lives, men would grow into protectors and providers, and our girls would have more respect for themselves. It's a tough conversation, but we keep bringing it up. As adults, they will use this narrative to justify their actions.

Sometimes people who should be in our lives leak poison into us, causing more harm than well. This poison can be from a parent, family member, friend, or role model. Depending on the people you are around, they can positively or negatively impact you. Hurt and damaged people are incapable of teaching love and compassion. It can be challenging for them to build relationships with others. It doesn't matter if the other person is a relative or a friend. They are not receptive to understanding their problems. They are quick to blame everyone for their problems and downfall. Due to their damage, they cannot support or comfort others. Rather than taking responsibility for their actions, they make excuses. Lashing out and reacting are normal behaviors. Eventually, this behavior will be accepted and followed.

There is nothing wrong with not having people in your life. As much as you may want them or need them: just let go for your peace and sanity. Don't consider it a loss; believe that it is a blessing. Letting go and not holding on shows resilience and perseverance. When we think of things people are dispensing, we think of wealth, love, consistency, property, and knowledge. The wrong people in your life will change that. They will pass on insecurity, hate, resentment, anger, trust issues, and self-doubt. Things that will stop you from growing and achieving your full potential. Anything that doesn't grow or change is dead. You don't need it. You especially don't need them. Yes, absence is necessary because the pain and hurt can be more damaging.

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Aug 08, 2023

Absence is needed in scenarios when someone is destroying your mental health. No matter how much you care about them, you must let go and focus on yourself. The longer you keep them around, the harder it is to get rid of them.

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