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Last-Minute Shopper

This blog is for shoppers who get overwhelmed when shopping. Not long ago; I went shopping for an anniversary dinner-themed cocktail hour. At the beginning, I was unsure of what to wear. So many styles and designs to choose from. The overthinker in me asked, do I want something long, short, strapless, or a one-strap dress? It was a hard choice. Assuredly, I wanted comfort, cuteness, and affordability. A rise in online shopping has been the result to the pandemic. Many options are available on the internet in a short time. One of my biggest problems, especially with shopping, is that I am a procrastinator! Despite knowing about the event for months, I didn't begin looking until the last minute, even though I told myself I would do so a month prior. Online shopping was a no-no because I didn't want to take a chance that it wasn't true to size or didn't look the same as online. I decided to hit up the department stores. These stores have saved my life numerous times.

My first stop was Macy's department store. Macy's has dresses for every occasion. It includes graduation, baby shower, wedding, church, birthday dinners, and cocktail parties. I know this because I have worn a Macy's dress on all these occasions. While in the store, I noticed many dresses that caught my eye. Instantly, I gravitated towards this pink sequin dress. The color and tummy control sold me. I looked amazing. Every woman wants to show some sexy appeal, but what is even sexier is leaving something to the imagination. The dress was cheaper than I expected. It was under 100 dollars. Also, I was able to use my Macy's coupon.

Next, it's time to find some footwear. My non-negotiable was uncomfortable shoes. There was no doubt that I had to find nude shoes. My go-to store for shoes is Saks on 5th Ave. Within 15 minutes of shopping, I found my shoes on the sales rack. I always start my search on the sales rack before I begin. Most people aren't aware that Saks has a fantastic sales rack with a substantial amount of shoes. The sales rack was full of beautiful designer shoes. Deals are always available every day of the week. Saks on Fifth Ave always makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. It was hard for me not to buy them all. I found some nude shoes by Alexandre Birman. They were comfortable, cute, and in my budget under $ 200. It was a win-win situation. In the sales rack, I found a pair of purple sequin Fendi shoes that I'll save for my birthday.

The last thing I needed was a bag. It was important to me that my bag complemented my dress and shoes. There is no need to go crazy about buying a luxury bag. At this point, I wanted to stop shopping and save money. I thought to myself: "Girl go in your closet and bring out a bag and put it back in rotation for the evening." I have a lot of designer bags. I recently purchased two Brandon Blackwood bags. One is a blue bag; the other is a pink bag. I was lucky that the pink bag matched my outfit. One of my favorite upcoming designers is Brandon Blackwood. Besides being black-owned, he has the words End Systematic Racism imprinted on it. The bag is cute, tiny, and controversial. The only thing I dislike is that it doesn't hold many items. Your Phone and wallet will not fit in it. Besides that, I love his bags.

When I shop, I follow these rules. Shopping should be enjoyable and therapeutic. Simple and less often stand out more. Department stores are not to be overlooked. They give coupons. Never underestimate the power of sales racks. It's okay to have a budget for an event. A simple piece without a logo can be recycled and used in another style for another event. $319.00 was the final cost of my outfit. When it comes to dressing and styling, it's all about putting what you have together and making it work for you.

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