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Manifesting This Sh!

Updated: Apr 21

You breathe life into everything you say with your words. Your words have the power to speak life or death. The destiny you create is much easier than you think. Manifesting your goals and dreams is a great way to achieve what you want. What does manifesting mean? It means you are planting positive vibes in the atmosphere and watching them grow. Positivity is a vital source needed when going after what you want.

Growing up, and even sometimes today, people told me to keep my plans and goals to myself. By discussing them, I could jinx myself or lose my blessings. It's strange how some things are deemed valuable by people. Why is that so? It's easy to listen to the negative things and question the positive ones? For that very reason, I never announced my plans or desires. Now that I am older and wiser, I know those things hold no value. How can anything in store for you be deprived by talking about it? Holding your thoughts and plans inside does not decide. Let go of that fear and speak it into existence. Yes, you will inevitably face obstacles and be discouraged from reaching your goals by other people. These people are called your haters, and they can't do anything but hate. Your haters will pull out tricks and make you doubt yourself. This is when you rebuttal them with positivity and a plan. Eventually, they will see that they are wasting their time and move on.

It's my year to manifest this sh! First on my list is to change my thinking and always be optimistic. Knowing my worth and what I have to offer plays an important role. My vocabulary no longer consists of words like can't and won't.

Naturally, human instinct can lead us to analyze situations. Nonetheless, it is imperative not to feed your mind with negativity. Negativity brings too many distractions, which will ultimately lead to you missing opportunities that are indispensable to you. Valuable pieces that will get you closer to what you desire. Manifesting is having faith against the odds. You don't know what the results will be or how things will end but understand that with perseverance and a plan, it will happen. A positive outlook matters. Luck has nothing to do with what happens.

I will keep my eyes on the prize. Reciting my goals will be part of my daily routine. Giving up is not an option for me. I am making some changes in my life. Leaving a legacy is something I am passionate about. We'll start by manifesting this!

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Michael Brown
Michael Brown
25 de abr.

What God has planned for you no man can take away. Just be mindful sharing your dreams and goals with everyone because they can plant seeds of doubt within yourself. It's one thing to have constructive criticism and its another thing to be out right dismissive or pessimistic because you don't see the vision yourself. Family and friends can be dream killers and don't even know if they outright dismiss and idea or have skepticism and if they show patterns of this behavior consistently then you can't share good news or future plans with them even if you love them because you know the negativity they willingly or unwillingly bring when it comes to ideas or plans.


21 de abr.

Great read! And inspiring


21 de abr.
Avaliado com 5 de 5 estrelas.

This was amazing!!! Thank you for sharing….

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