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Letter to Self

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Sometimes you can be your worst enemy. It is only fair to write a letter to yourself. No one knows you better than you do. Over the years, I have been very critical of myself. In the following letter, I hope to motivate myself.

It is ok to stop and give yourself some time to rest and reset. Feeling tired and unmotivated will prevent you from accomplishing your goal. I get it; and understand things need to be done, and deadlines are pressing on you. Your work must be completed on time. You can wear that mask for the world, that you have everything under control, but you can not front to yourself. Sis, You are not ok? It is written all over your face. Ask yourself; if what you are producing is quality good? How can it be good when you are running on empty.

Do not waste your time worrying about the worst-case scenarios. Sympathize that it is impossible to predict what will happen or prepare for obstacles that will scrutinize you. You can only put your best foot forward and lead the way. The first steps can be one of the most challenging things you will ever do. With time, the rest comes naturally.

Do not compare your success or endeavors to others. Friends, accomplishments are times to celebrate. Just Know, your time is coming. You have been hard on yourself because you were not happy with the results. Don't stop! Keep pushing because the final product will be worth it. I commend you because you did not fold when your back was against the wall. Despite life's punches, you persevered like a champ. Don't let anything stop you.

As a mom, entrepreneur, and educator returning from a pandemic, you had many doubts. I was allotted time to self-reflect and realize I am pouring a little in each cup and not giving my all. The only way to be one of the best is to be consistent.

Here are some things to always remember and follow

1. Understand that work and progress are inextricably linked.

2. Acknowledge life lessons, and don't repeat them.

3. I am no longer the student.

4. No more sleeping with my eyes open. I let a lot of things slide.

4. Being content gets you nowhere.

5. Excuses will always be tools for the weak and incompetent.

6. Spreading myself all around isn't working or effective practice.

7. What is in store for me can’t be taken.

8. Know when it’s time to walk away.

9.It is ok to rest and reset.

10.Always remember I am the captain of my faith. I will always be the conqueror of my soul.

Love Always

Ebony J.

P.S. I challenge all my readers to write a future letter to themselves

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